How to remove blogger navbar?

Reason to remove navbar blogger 
  • Next Button guide you to other people's blog, some professional site don't like this especially at their sale page.
  • Design maybe not match your template.

PRO about navbar
  • Your readers can search your site with this toolbar.
  • Social bookmarking is ready for your readers, like Google+, Share by email, facebook, twitter or even report abuse to blogger. 
  • Login and logout for readers Google account, get your readers ready to interactive with you.
  • Provide a shortcut link to your blogspot dashboard.
It is very easy for blogger remove navbar, you just need an easy CSS add on to get this result, OR turn off the navbar function.
Purpose of writing this tutorial is to guide bloggers remove their navbar where actually is hidden it.
By doing this, you maybe lost all the best features, PRO or advantages that granted by blogger navbar.

How to remove Navbar?

This is simple, choose the layout at your left menu of blog dashboard. Then click on navbar at right top. You will see a navbar configuration popup menu available for you to choose color. You can change your navbar color here. Since you want to remove the it, select "Off" at the bottom of the menu.

Remove Navbar by Add CSS (Another tricks - Old way)

There is another way to remove/hide your navbar. Select Template then Customize.
Blogger Template Designer will appear and here the place you can tune your template, changing background color, layout type, adjust width or more advance functionality. For this method, you need to add custom CSS, so click on Advanced > Add CSS.
You can see a blank text area under Add custom CSS. So add the following code then Apply to blog(at Top Right).
#navbar { display: none;}
You are done!

This a very simple tricks to hide your navbar from blogger. Hope this help you tuning your site.
Anything left you can comment on our site.


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