How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger?

As a blogger you need to know some skill on how the visitor come to your site and how to track your visitors.
By doing this, what you can get are create more fun on blogging and strengthen your ability as an admin on your website.

Do you know that?
By default, Blogger have the stats analysis function that give you a simple stats analysis to your visitors.
What you can actually view on stats dashboard?
  • How many Pageviews for a specific period your visitor come?
  • Which post has the most Pageviews?
  • From where or which country your visitor come from?
  • From which sources link to your post?
  • What is the referrer keyword come to your site?
  • What is the platform your visitors using? Windows, Linux, Apple or Mobile?

Reason you need to add Google Analytics on Blogger:
  • Track unique visitors to your site.
  • Track how depth your visitor going.
  • Duration your visitor on site.
  • Check visitors bouncing rate and exit rate.
  • Real-time reporting, new feature added that tracking in real time.
  • You can customization data you need to collect.
  • In-Page Analytics, to see how your visitor move at your site.
  • You can understand how visitor behavior leads to sales.
  • Improve your online sales.
  • And many more advantages.
Now here you are going to learn how to add Google Analytics to your blogger to get such good benefits.

Step 1: Sign in or signup to Google Analytics account.
Go to Google Analytics main page and click sign in. A Google Account form will come out, and you need to sign in with your email address and password.
Meanwhile for sign up, you can either use existing Google email account or other email address. You just need simply fill the form then get granted to access Google Analytics.

For the first time user, after you log in you will see Create New Account form.

Step 2: Create a New Account
Account Name - Naming your account. You can put your site name.
Example: Work My Blogspot, Blogger blog, My Shop, My unique photo gallery, etc.
Website's URL - Fill in your site URL, you need to copy your site URL to the text box. My site is and any blogger domain should be
At the front of the text box you need to choose http:// for blogger site.
https:// is major use on secure site like e-commerce that provides authentication between web site and web server.
Time zone - Fill in your country and set time(Maybe automatically).
Industry Category - Fill in with what industry area your site currently.
Then check the Terms and conditions then click on Create Account.

Regarding to return users:
Click on Admin at the top right beside Help, going next page which called Account Administration.

You can create new account at this page, so click on "+ New Account".

Step 3: Install tracking code to your site.
After you create a new account you will redirect to Tracking Info tab. So you can scroll down to "2. Paste this code on your site" and you will see a tracking code at the below box.
Here you need to click once at the text area and it will auto highlight. Right click your mouse then choose "copy" or CTRL + C copy the tracking code.

For security reason and prevent wrong things happen, please backup your template.

After that, go to your blogger template page and click on Edit HTML.
Proceed anyway to the Edit HTML.
Find </head>
Then you need to paste the code before it and Save Template.

Step 4: Check the tracking. 
To check track code working or not, you need to open any of your site page for example your home page.
Now go back to Google Analytics click on Home at the orange color navigation bar.
Click on Real-Time > Overview to track it on real time.
At here you should at see 1 visitor at your site.

This means the tracking code is successfully installed.


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