How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger?

As a blogger you need to know some skill on how the visitor come to your site and how to track your visitors.
By doing this, what you can get are create more fun on blogging and strengthen your ability as an admin on your website.

How to remove blogger navbar?

Reason to remove navbar blogger 
  • Next Button guide you to other people's blog, some professional site don't like this especially at their sale page.
  • Design maybe not match your template.

[Blogger] A Good Blog Sites to Create Blog

A Good Blog Sites is important for you, as its powerful, user-friendly and many services available that allow you to take advantage to make your own site. With this top blogging platform, bloggers are say that now they feel more reliable.

[SEO Tips] How to change your title tags for blogger?

First, you need to understand what is title tag.
Title tag display the page title at your browser, it also helps browser to bookmark easier when user add it into their favorite.
For SEO(Search Engine Optimization), title will be display at search engine result as a basic description about what actually inside your page.